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Aluvision tiles

Spotlight on Aluvision and BeMatrix LED Tiles

When it comes to turning any event into an unforgettable experience, video LED tiles are a great choice. They offer a wide array of customization and are incredibly versatile, making them an excellent solution for any event, any time of the year. With so many LED tiles on the market, let’s put the spotlight on Aluvision and BeMatrix LED tiles today and have a look at why they’ll be great for your event.

Aluvision LED Tiles

Aluvision Hi LED 55 tiles can be used for a variety of purposes and feature bright, clear images. Use them to display a logo, short film, photos, or event information, since they make advertising and providing information to guests an easy task.

These LED tiles use LED lighting and aluminum profiles to offer aesthetic, clean screens. They can be used with shelves, TV mounts, speaker mounts, and other accessories in order to provide the most flexibility and versatility possible. As a modular system, it’s easy to connect multiple tiles together and arrange them how you want them for any event.

The Aluvision tile panels are bright and clear, even in the middle of the day, which makes them an especially good choice for all-day events.  The handling, setup, and take down can be relatively quick, and color balancing can happen effortlessly if the tiles are produced in the same batch as each other. The panels can come in numerous different design styles, including concave, convex, flat, floor, and even boxes.

BeMatrix LED SKIN Tiles

BeMatrix LED tiles are another form of LED screens that help to take your event up a notch. They’re modular screens that make stacking and moving the tiles easy and allow you to adjust your setup however you want.

The tiles come flat, as a corner piece, concave, or convex so that you can create a truly custom setup in order to display your event information, logo, or any image. With the way the panels are built, the system can be put up and taken down quickly and easily.

With the way that BeMatrix frames are built, all cords and wires are neatly organized and disguised behind the panels. This leaves your LED tiles with a clean, neat appearance even though there may be several cords necessary to run the system.

BeMatrix tiles are great for events because they’re super easy to transport but offer fantastic LED images of all kinds. You can display any message, logo, slide, or event information on the panels and manage it easily across all panels. Designed to be quick and easy to set up, your event planners can put them up and take them down in a timely manner and with very little hassle.


LED tiles are a great choice for event planning, and both Aluvision and BeMatrix are fantastic options. They offer a lot of versatility and different panel shapes and sizes, and both provide great visuals that will impress your guests no matter how you choose to use them. Call us today to ask us about renting Aluvision and BeMatrix LED tiles for your event!

5 Reasons Why Renting an LED Screen Beats Buying One

The right LED screen is invaluable to your event. You’ll be able to display your content clearly while making your presentations that much more engaging. However, should you buy one, or is renting LED screens from AV equipment rental companies like ours better?

Why Renting an LED Screen Beats Buying One

Professional AV equipment has a significant cost, not to mention that you may not need this type of equipment all the time. You may want to consider renting your LED screen then, for multiple reasons.


When you buy equipment, you buy it upfront. This means paying for the entire amount right away, and to protect your investment, you will need to purchase a road case; in contrast to renting your equipment where you don’t need to part with one large sum of money. An added bonus is that renting the screen would be reasonably tax-deductible as part of your business expenses too.

When you rent your LED screen, you can save money on repairs too. This is because if there are any problems with the equipment or if anything needs to be serviced or updated, the AV rental company will be paying for those rather than you.


As mentioned, any repairs or maintenance related to the LED screen falls under the responsibility of the AV rental company. This is much less stressful for you, and since they will transport the screen for you as well, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. It’s worth noting that transporting LED screens is a challenging and delicate process in itself as the screen can get damaged in transit.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a new piece of equipment and having it break when it’s being transported to your event venue. However, when you rent your LED screen, it’s all looked after for you, and you just have to let the AV rental company transport it safely to your venue.


When you rent, you have much more flexibility. Depending on your specific event, you can choose what type of screen you need.

Will you really use the exact same screen for the next few years and for every event? The fact is that different LED screens feature different specifications to suit various events. This is why it’s a better idea just to rent your equipment. This means you can pick what you need for each specific event rather than just using the same screen for every event just because you bought it.

Modern Technology

You also have the flexibility to choose the latest technology as well. Technology is constantly advancing, and it might be too expensive to keep upgrading and buy the latest LED screen. Instead, simply rent the newest LED screens at a fraction of the cost!

Technical Equipment

Setting up an LED screen can be quite technical for most people who are inexperienced with AV equipment. Especially if you want to move your LED screen somewhere else or even store it, you might have some issues doing so yourself.

Renting your equipment means that you don’t need to worry about all the technical aspects. Our AV rental company pairs you up with our AV technicians to help set up and operate the screen. If there are any problems with the equipment, they know how to handle it properly immediately without you having to spend hours trying to figure it out.


Ultimately, it’s much better to rent your LED screen rather than buy one outright. You can choose what type of screen you want, have it transported for you, and even have it installed. The whole process is made that much simpler when you rent your LED screen from us, and of course, you’ll save yourself some money too!

What Kinds of Video Screens Are Available at GSEAV?

Whether you’re planning a conference or broadcasting a game or speech, you need a high-quality screen. Instead of investing in a costly screen that you might never use again, come to us for LED screen rental —all you have to do is choose which video screen will work best for you.

NEC Seamless Monitors

For small or medium-sized walls, these NEC Seamless Monitors will be perfect. Designed to be sleek, they have a backlit 46” or 55” LCD panel and Full HD resolution so that you can display a wide range of applications. Set up these monitors for your business and let them do all the work.

The design is modern and slim with a 5mm bezel, allowing you to put them up as digital signage, as informational monitors, or as even as menus, for example. With the anti-glare surface as well, your customers or event guests will never have to squint or struggle to see the information you put up.

While these monitors may be a lower investment to start, they work using color matching color calibrators to produce an easy-to-see image that will be accurately rendered just as you have designed it. Don’t worry about the monitor getting too hot either, since there are fans right inside the units which are made to work 24/7

98-inch NEC LED Single Monitor

A larger, 98-inch NEC LED Single Monitor will be your best option if you need to do a large-scale presentation. This is the perfect monitor for presentations, with 4K quality to go with its large screen size. All of your details will be clearly shown on this massive screen guaranteed to have your audience’s attention.

It can take many standard 1080p videos and still display them with high quality. Displaying multiple screens is another one of its convenient features as well. If you have a lot of information that needs to be broadcast, you can have four different screens up at one time within this single 98” unit

LED Tiles

To display something that is extremely large in size, that’s when you’ll use LED tiles. These tiles are what you would normally see when you take a look at a sports scoreboard, or if you’re looking to create a video wall.

Our LED tiles are bright with stunning visibility and high contrast, making it possible for you to use them for a large venue. Like our other monitors, they are glare-free whether you set them up indoors or in a place with lots of bright ambient light. Even if you use them outside, they come with built-in fans to prevent the power supplies from overheating.

Of course, these tiles are made to be a little bit smaller so that they can be set up together in a display, but don’t let the size fool you: they’re strong, and utilize a wide range of colors for a crisp and clear image. Their weight makes them that much easier to set up and display, and just as long as the tiles are from the same production batch, the color will all match.

Rent Your Video Walls With Us Today

No matter what you need a video wall for, GSEAV has a range of high-quality video screens with uncompromising crispness and performance. Speak to us today to find out which video screens will best suit your event, and leave it to us to get it all set up and organized for you.

LED Screen Rental for Outdoor Events

LED Screen Rental for Outdoor Events

Big outdoor events require a lot of planning, especially if you want to make yours one to remember. Sure, banners and different displays are always an option, but an LED screen creates a vibrant, engaging way to get your videos and images out there.

Our LED screens are perfect for large events and don’t worry, regardless of how sunny it is you will still get a crystal clear picture.

LED Video Wall Rental for Outdoor Events

LED screens work in any outdoor event you can imagine, but these are some of our most common rentals.


Whether you want to make sure everyone sees the happy couple, the well-wishers, or a touching video memory, our LED outdoor video walls are the ideal solution. Renting a screen for your wedding has never been easier or more versatile. If you want a classic black and white look, you’ll love our 18+ bit grayscale; or broadcast the ceremony in full, true high definition color with 1280 x 768 pixels.

Even better, use the screen during the ceremony, and show photos from the wedding during the reception for all your guests to enjoy. You’re sure to put the newlyweds and their special day right in the spotlight.


Graduations are always a time to celebrate, but they’re crowded events that make it hard to see every graduate. Let every grad know how special they are when you rent an LED screen to live cast the ceremony. They’ll love knowing they truly get their moment in center stage, and their loved ones will be happy to see them in true HD. Our screens are perfect for outdoor ceremonies too, and you’ll never miss a moment from bright sun or a pesky glare.

Outdoor Theater

Outdoor theater is a true summertime classic, but the old, blurry screens of the past just won’t do anymore. Our LED walls have true high definition with 1280 x 768 pixels, and superior brightness. You’ll never see those gray tones when there should be stark black, our screens show true HD black LED.

Don’t worry if you’re a fan of classic black and white flicks. Our 18+ bit grayscale shows you your favorite classics like never before. Whether you want a huge, drive in style screening, or a movie night with friends, you can’t go wrong with our vivid LED screens.


When your parishioners attend service, make sure everyone gets the same immersive experience by adding an LED wall. Our rental screens are ideal for creating an interactive, engaging worship service. Help church goers follow the service by projecting your message, or let them get up close with the pastor and choir. Our LED screens provide true brightness with high definition projection, whether you want it inside the church during worship, or outside for a church event.

Outdoor Music Events and Festivals

A display screen can be the focal point of outdoor music events, especially for attendees that aren’t close to the stage. Don’t settle for the poor image quality of old screens – upgrade the entire experience by giving your audience real high definition video.

You get the best contrast, unrivaled brightness, and music lovers get an experience that lasts a lifetime. No matter how bright the sun shines, every person in the audience gets the same clear, vibrant picture.


Outdoor events need the best LED walls if you want to reduce the glare and washout from the sun. Our LED screens are the perfect fit with high contrast, brightness and true HD. Let us know what we can do to make your event an unforgettable experience, and then let us take care of the rest. Give us a call today, and see the difference our upgraded LED screens make!

HIMSS Global Health Conference

HIMSS Global Health Conference

HIMSS Global Health Conference

The 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is coming to Orlando on March 9th-13th. The conference is the leading health information and technology conference, which brings people together for education, innovation, and collaboration. This convention allows people to transform health through information and technology, all at one time, all in one place. Thousands of professionals from countries around the world will be in attendance to learn from education sessions and engage with over 1,300 vendors that will host special programs and endless networking events. Therefore, vendors will need video walls that create large, eye-catching digital signage and backdrops that command the attention of attendees.

How Can Video Walls Make Your Convention Booth Stand Out from the Crowd?

For vendors at the HIMSS Global Health Conference, it’s important to make a significant impact at the convention. Your booth will need to incorporate solutions that help grab the eyes of attendees. Interactive demonstrations, display screens, and engaging presentations can make your presentation one to remember.

If the marketplace feels crowded, a convention can be the ultimate form of competition. With a vast number of booths in the convention hall, visitors can seem overwhelming. However, when there is an opportunity for future business, it’s important to attract as many people as possible.

Video walls create a multimedia centered display that allows you to easily adapt to changing trends without having to worry about physical setup. Furthermore, if you want to add event-specific designs or customize your visuals to fit your attendee’s preferences, video walls allow you to captivate your audience and get them engaged with your information.

Why You Should Choose GSE AudioVisual for Your Video Walls

At GSE AudioVisual, our team of audiovisual specialists understands that integrating the right video walls can make all the difference. For both large and small booth setups, GSE AudioVisual works with vendors to create a unique video display. Our company carries all the leading brands when it comes to audiovisual and LED display technology. Therefore, we are equipped to handle all your audiovisual needs. When you’re trying to create a booth that needs to get noticed, you need a company that knows how to make that happen. If you’re looking to produce a memorable experience to share your information and seeking more information about the services of GSE AudioVisual, contact us at 888-573-6847.

Other Services GSE AudioVisual Offers

GSE AudioVisual has been helping clients turn their visions into reality for years. Our company is dedicated to the success of every vendor we provide services for at their convention. We represent the best in the industry when it comes to audiovisual services. With over 15 years of experience, rest assured that GSE Audio Visual Orlando is here to service your companies next event with peace of mind.

GSE Audio Visual takes pride in servicing over 500 trade shows every year. We are also one of the most extensive audiovisual rental services in the U.S. with industry-leading audiovisual technology such as:

  • LED & LCD Monitors
  • LCD Projector & Screens
  • Audio Equipment
  • Video Walls
  • LED Panels
  • Digital Signs
  • Office Equipment
  • Audience Response Systems
  • GSE Multi-Touch
  • Cue lights
Tips for Preventing AV Failures

6 Tips for Preventing AV Failures

6 Tips for Preventing AV Failures

Every presenter worries about it and every presenter has AV failures in the back of their mind during their presentation. There is nothing worse than setting up your equipment when suddenly, the projector shuts down, or there is a buzzing in the speakers. At that point, you’re scrambling to fix the issue and struggling to find a solution. Whenever you have AV failure problems by the time it gets resolved, your presentation could be running 20 mins late. Regardless of much, you prepare, you can never be ready for everything, especially when your content is your main priority. There are numerous solutions to prevent this from happening, and GSE AV has some tips to help alleviate the stress of any unwanted malfunctions.

Hire an AV Technician

Hire a quality technician form GSE AV to take care of your audiovisual needs when your budget permits it. A technician can set up and test the gear you will be using and train you on how to use your equipment during the presentation. A hired technician from GSE AV can also stay on-site if any problems occur during the presentation.

Perform a Site Survey

Perform a site survey when you need to know venue details but are unable to see the location in-person. A hired audiovisual technician from GSE AV can travel to the site and make sure your gear and layout will be suitable for your space. It’s also essential to test out your internet and power connections in the room you’re presenting in.

Make Presentations Available Ahead of Time

This will make a technician’s job easier when preparing for your event. They can test the presentation on their gear and make sure their equipment meets your expectations.

Book Venue Early

Be sure to book the room the day before your event and have a floor plan ready to go. This will take a lot of pressure off of you and ensure your presentation runs smoothly. If you decide to have a technician set up, they can have all the equipment ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the venue. They can also make any adjustments you would like quickly and effectively.

Have Back-up Equipment Just in Case

Sometimes you can have everything set up, tested, and ready to go and still have a failure. Equipment wears over time, and the more it’s used, the better chance you have for failure. If you have backup gear that includes projectors, microphones, and laptops on hand it will make fixing the failure much easier. Swapping out your equipment instead of troubleshooting may save you time and the hassle of standing in front of a crowd with no content to show.


Why should you hire GSE AV as your audiovisual provider to handle all your logistics? Regardless, if your meeting is big or small, having someone take care of all the details makes it easier for you. We allow you to concentrate on your presentation rather than your preparations. When you hire GSE AV, we can resolve all your issues before they become a serious problem to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

AV Budget

How to Get the Most Out of Your AV Budget

Audio Visual technology is an essential factor in numerous industries such as education, business, government, and the medical field. AV is everywhere, whether people realize it or not. Furthermore, as AV technology advances, it’s imperative to invest in AV equipment that you know is worth the value. This is where GseAV can provide you with top-quality AV equipment to fit within your budget.

Choosing the perfect AV solution can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many brands out there to choose from who offer various options. When you decide to work with GseAV, you don’t need to worry about any of these factors. Our highly skilled experts will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you find the best equipment that matches your budget. We will help you with the research, provide installation and support. However, the best thing about working with GseAV is you don’t have to worry about learning a whole new industry. Our team of professionals allows you to focus on what you need to do and what you do best.

When it comes to audiovisual solutions, the biggest question is, how do I stay within my budget while still getting quality equipment? When designing your AV system, it’s crucial to have an understanding of what you should spend your money on. Allocating your money correctly will ensure the functionality of your event without you having to exceed your budget. Below are tips on how you can get the most out of your AV budget.

Compare your audiovisual budget with your budget in advance

Implement your budget into your vision within a realistic manner. Then, outline the look and feel of what you want your event to look like with a detailed plan to accurately express your needs. Once you have a perfect vision in mind, create a production list so you can keep track of the equipment you need. Keep in mind if you will need presentations, videos, music, or audience interaction. Once your list is made, look over your budget and production list to decide what equipment you will need.

Creative lighting packages

An event’s aesthetic can have a powerful effect on how the attendees experience your event. One of the best ways to get the best value out of your budget when it comes to lighting is to rent creative lighting packs. Creative lighting packages are an affordable expense even if you’re planning on using custom designs. Your audience seeing your logo on the venue’s wall can provide a lasting impression for your event.

Get the right sound

Pairing the right sound equipment with the size of your venue and acoustics serves as a great technique to stay within your sound budget. Every venue will have unique needs. Therefore, it’s critical to cater your sound equipment to your venue to make sure you’re not overshooting on your budget.

Consult an expert

If you’re unsure about what AV equipment to purchase, then it’s always a good idea to consult with an expert to assist you in your budget. The experts at GseAV are knowledgeable and can help you manage your resources to ensure your event creates a memorable experience for your audience.

With the right planning and creativity, you can orchestrate a beautiful event with audiovisual details that truly stand out. When you take the time to plan and design, you will maximize your investment and the make your event a memorable experience.

Maximum Display Resolution

Maximum Resolution

Maximum Display Resolution

GSE AV now has custom media servers that can push video wall resolutions up to a maximum of (2) 8K (7680×4320) displays or one Ultra-Wide 16K (15360×4320) all from a single media server. Since the highest resolution you can get on a single monitor is currently 4K/UHD (3840×2160), these resolutions can only be achieved by: creating  a video wall, either seamless LCD LED video walls created from displays such as the NEC 464UN-2;  from LED Tiles such as the Absen 3.9mm LED Panel;  or through the use of projection blending.

There is a lot of planning involved with getting a perfect pixel-to-pixel resolution match from your source media to your video wall. GSE Audio Visual specializes in designing, implementing and supplying all the necessary equipment to achieve your maximum resolution goals.

Ultra widescreen LED video wall set up by GSEAV.

13440x2160 Video Wall

When you want to have the highest resolution possible for your video wall, we can help. Call us at 888-573-6847 or Request a Fast Quote to discuss your maximum resolution needs.

3mm LED Tile

3mm LED Tile | LED Panel | Video Wall Rentals

3mm LED Tile | LED Panel Video Wall Rentals


GSE Audio Visual Inc. now stocks 3mm LED tiles for LED video walls. LED video walls offer superior brightness and contrast and can be scaled from a small implementation to a large-scale venue. Our 3mm LED tiles are available nationwide, including Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Diego and everywhere in between. Call us to discuss your LED Video Wall questions: 888-573-6847 or visit our website at

3mm LED Tile
3mm LED Panel
LED Video Wall
LED Panel Video Wall
LED Video wall
LED Tile Video wall
Parameters Value Unit
Pixel pitch 3.9 mm
Brightness 1200 nit
Panel dimensions(W×H×D) 500×500×90 mm
Panel dimensions(W×H×D) 19.69×19.69×3.54 Inch
Panel materail Aluminum-alloy
Weight 9 kg/panel
Weight 19.86 lbs
Pixel configuration Black face SMD 3in1
Module dimensions (W×H) 250×250  mm
Module dimensions (W×H) 9.84×9.84  Inch
Pixel matrix per panel 128×128 pixels
Pixel density 65536 pixels/sq.m.
Refresh rate ≥1200 Hz
Gray scale per color 65536 level
Colors 281 Trillion
Viewing angle(H/V) 140/140  deg.
IP rating(Front/Rear) IP40/IP21
Power consumption(max/avg) 540/180  W/sq.m.
Input voltage(AC) 110~240 V
Operating temperature -10 ~40
Operating humidity 10%~90%
Source compatibility(with video processor) AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, DP


For more information on 3mm LED panel video walls, go to or call us at 888-573-6847.