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Samsung Seamless Monitor

Video Walls have come a long way over the past 20 years and GSE Audio Visual has invested in purchasing the latest technology to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to have a video wall in your tradeshow booth, or looking to utilize it as digital signage in your company’s lobby.The Samsung 46″ 460UX-2 LCD video wall display features advanced cooling technologies that allow reliable operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With thin 11mm bezels (.43″), you can build virtually seamless video walls up to 5 x 5. The 460UX-2 also has up to 700cd/m² max brightness, 1080p resolution, and is compatible with our MID46 interlocking assembly kits. With an amazingly slim bezel, the Samsung 460UXn-2 LFD keeps the focus on the image and not the frame around it. The thin, 12.5mm bezels (.49″) mean virtually seamless video walls.

46″ LCD Video Wall Display

  • · Pivot Technology
  • · 4 Anti-Image Retention Technologies
  • · 12.5mm Bezels for Seamless Video Walls
  • · RS232C In-Out

One of the defining characteristics of a good video wall is the high resolution and picture quality that it shows. Unlike projectors which can also showcase large images, video walls can showcase some of the best pictures even in the bright lights. A good video wall is designed to be low maintenance while having incredibly high functionality. Video walls can truly amplify any picture, letting you see every tiny detail.

Video walls are things that capture people’s attention. A video wall in a public space is going to get a lot of eyeballs, not just because of how big it is, but because of how bright and beautiful the pictures can be. Video walls are also great for brands that want to develop diverse and engaging content. It helps provide a different means for showcasing content which is appealing, and which would work well to inform or advertise.

Why Choose A Samsung Video Wall

Samsung is known to have some of the highest quality products, and the same holds true for their video walls. Samsung video walls are some of the easiest to configure since they can be operated from phones, tablets, and computers. With some of the highest grade QLED Signage, the screens that you get have some of the highest picture quality with some of the most vivid colors. The screens can showcase over a billion colors, offering you some of the most brilliant displays. With the high picture quality, you can see the highest picture quality even at the highest brightness setting.

Samsung’s visual walls have some of the highest grade HDR picture technology. This makes your visuals flow smoothly, and without compromising the picture quality in movement. In addition, the visual walls produced by Samsung use fifth generation SMART Signage Platform (SSSP 5.0), and have an incorporated TIZEN 3.0. This improves the graphics of the visuals that are showcased on the screen, allowing indoor wall displays to be brighter, sharper and more vivid.

Video walls are on through the entire day, which is why they should be able to handle all the long hours that it runs for. The visual walls produced by Samsung are considered to be some of the most durable on the market and require little maintenance. All the video panels are heat and dust resistant, which reduces the amount of wear that the panel experiences through usage and over time. To showcase the best pictures in even the brightest settings, the Samsung video walls have an anti-glare screen. This also makes it so that these panels can be installed in some different environments.

Who Are Samsung Video Walls For

Video walls are majorly used for advertising purposes, to promote visibility and to enhance the look of a brand. Spaces like malls are some of the best places in which video walls can be installed. But because of the diverse implementation that video walls have, they aren’t only limited to the field of advertising. Corporates who want to showcase a significant amount of data to their employees at their meetings can install visual walls. This allows them to have a more interactive surface that lets you pay attention to every single detail. If you need a screen to showcase something on to carry out your business, then video walls are the ideal solution for you.