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Virtual Trade Show

The New Trade Show Trend

The Coronavirus has drastically change the way we go about everyday life. Large, mass gatherings aren’t an option anymore. Unfortunately for trade shows, this poses a significant problem. Trade shows have always required a significant amount of time and effort to put together, and that’s even more true in today’s COVID-19 climate.

How do you put on a trade show in times of social distancing to keep speakers and guests safe? You leverage technology to create safe, seamless solutions. We’re here to help you keep your trade show going, in a completely new way.

You still have all the functions you would at a normal trade show, minus the physical attendance. We’ll help you coordinate and implement everything from virtual displays, to key speakers, to attendee interaction and more.

Our Virtual Booth Solution

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Keep Your Guest Speakers

Guest speakers provide your trade show visitors with a wealth of knowledge. Many times, your attendees are focused on the guest speaker more than other attractions you might offer, especially when it provides them with valuable information. 

Although it may not be practical to offer in person events, you don’t have to lose or sacrifice the experience. We’ll make sure your guests never miss a key point with our flexible options. Whether you prefer to record speakers in advance for later viewing, or live stream special talks, we’ll make it happen.

You can even do both! If you want to ensure guests can watch the speaker at their own convenience, we’ll record the presentation for on demand viewing too.

Improve Your Booth Experience

An exhibitor’s booth is an integral part of their presence in any trade show. While these booths usually take a lot of time, effort, and handiwork to set up, that’s no longer an issue. However, exhibitors still don’t want to lose their presence, or their audience. We offer special virtual trade show software that provides a solution. Everyone can create their own virtual booth, exactly how they prefer it. 

As the coordinator of the trade show, you won’t lose revenue due to the inability to offer booths. In fact, you have even more ability to offer booth space, and allow exhibitors freedom to design and curate their booth. They still get to present everything they have on offer, and attendees don’t have to miss a single thing. There’s more time to browse, less pressure, and no jostling or crowding for space. 

Additionally, all wiring is “hidden” so you won’t find unsightly or unsafe PC inserts, cables or tubes on the front of your kiosk rental. All you would need to do is run is a power cord to the kiosk. Interactive Kiosk rentals are also excellent modules for your latest product rollout. Customers have the best results when an HTML-based website is created and deployed from the kiosk where visitors can find out more about your product. This HTML application typically has a lead form for people to fill out which will be transmitted directly to your sales force. You can also customize the look and feel to include your company logo, colors, or other branding elements.

Get The Word Out About Your Event

Even the best trade show won’t have attendees unless people know the event will happen. With our software, we create a portal and registration options so you and attendees are in the know. Registrants can sign up to attend, create custom profiles, and even ask questions before and during the event. We take cyber security seriously, and make sure everyone’s information is secure and protected. 

Our portal ensures that you know exactly how many people will attend, and it gives attendees a real presence in the trade show. From their portal account, they can experience much of the same things they would in a physical trade show. They can interact with exhibitors, see presentations, and view any booth at will.

Customize Your Virtual Showroom

The trade show floor is a huge part of any trade show experience. While you may not have attendees meandering about the physical floor, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a similar experience. Naturally, every exhibitor has their own booth, with their own offerings and custom design. We take that a step further by offering an interactive showroom and trade show floor for you and your guests. 

Just as attendees would be able to browse booths and walk from booth to booth when in person, they can do that here too. We’re experts in creating custom digital solutions to fit your trade show needs, and your preferences. 

We can accommodate just about any request, so just ask! The interactive virtual showroom allows your guests to get the closest experience to attending a real trade show, in person. Once they enter their profile from the portal, it’s an entire trade show experience. 

Call us today and we’ll work with you to outline your goals for your virtual trade show, and create the trade show floor to match.

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