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LED Screen Rental in Orlando

LED screens can enhance and take your event from ordinary to memorable and engaging! With large display screens that are customizable to your needs, our LED screens are perfect for all types of events from smaller meetings to large outdoor events.

Engage your audience with captivating and striking visuals that are simply unmissable. Whether you want to use our LED walls for a General Session or to display branding or an advertisement, our high-quality screens will enable you to showcase your visuals clearly.

LED Screen Rental Display

GSE Audiovisual can rent and deliver Absen A3 Pro 3.9mm LED tiles to any location nationwide. Convention Centers, Hotels and Client-Sponsored Private Events are our specialty. We have a huge inventory and can supply an Absen-certified engineer to ensure your LED video wall is setup properly and your event runs smoothly. All of our audio visual rentals are available nationwide, and in parts of Canada and Europe. We can also offer different video engineers if your event requires a live video-switcher and/or any other event audiovisual support.

We can work with your video production team to ensure a pixel-to-pixel (Video Pixel to single RGB LED) match is created for the perfect aspect ratio of your video, which would ensure no stretching or squeezing of your video content, and most important your logo/branding.

3.9mm LED tiles are perfect for indoor video walls and digital signage. Our Absen Certified technicians can ensure your marketing videos have a huge impact. We can help you plan your content video and design a media playback server to achieve a perfect pixel-to-pixel match on your LED video wall at resolutions up 4K, 8K and 16K Super-Wide.

Why Rent LED Screens For Your Event?

With such easy and fuss-free LED screen rentals at your fingertips, there’s no need to fork out significant cash to purchase LED screens that you might not use frequently!

Most companies only require LED screens for a one-off event. Renting our LED screens is more cost-effective in this case and you won’t have to worry about maintenance and storage issues. Renting your video screen from us also gives you more flexibility since you get to choose your preferred screen from our wide range of equipment. Instead of purchasing a costly LED screen and being stuck with one, you get to choose whatever screen size or type of screen that suits your event. Need a smaller indoor LED display for a meeting room? Our LED screen rental company has got you covered. Need a larger outdoor LED display for your event venue? We have the large LED screen you need too! Give yourself that much more flexibility and ability to customize your LED options.

Likewise, purchasing your own LED screen means you have to put up with the same screen over the years. Even when your LED screen becomes obsolete over the years as better technology and product launches come up, you’ll feel obliged to keep using the expensive screen that you’ve bought years ago. LED video screen rental means that you get to rent the latest technology available and enjoy the best features and specifications with higher resolution.

LED Screens Rentals For All Types of Events

  • Trade Shows: Display your products, ads or marketing content to attract trade show attendees to your booth

  • Concerts: Showcase live performances for festivals and concerts to create engaging and dynamic events
  • Sporting Events and Gaming Tournaments: Display a live feed or sporting highlights on large outdoor LED screens
  • Meetings, Corporate Events and Conferences: Display videos, presentations, event information and more for your audience with our LED screen rental
  • Political rallies: Display messages and slogans
  • Other Commercial Events: Use LED screens as marketing billboards

LED Screens vs Projection Screens

LED screens and projection screens are two terms that are often used interchangeably but they’re not quite the same. For one, LED screens work better for outdoor events because they feature high resolution and brightness, compared to projection screens which often look too dim or dull in direct sunlight.

When you use projection screens, know that you’re much more limited in your set up. You can only project these screens on to a flat surface. In contrast, our rental LED screens allow you to set them up in more places without needing a specific projection surface, and our 2.5mm Infiled tiles curve concave or convex!

You probably didn’t know but LED screens require less maintenance since they don’t use bulbs that require replacing. They also don’t need to be cleaned as often as projection screens. Additionally, LEDs use about half the amount of electricity that a traditional projector uses, saving energy costs for your business or event. Some businesses may also be eligible for a tax right off. Our advanced technologies, coupled with, unparalleled customer service makes us the best choice when renting LED screen video walls.

More About LED Video Walls

A Light Emitting Diodes (LED) panel video wall is a smooth display, or seamless combination of displays, that uses LEDs as pixels to give you a bright, crisp, and High Definition (HD) display. Common video display methods project light, as well as the media, onto a wall or screen. This projected light method leads to light sensitive displays, loss of definition, and strain on the consumer observing the media.

Our LED panel video walls are at origin the light source, allowing for a vivid and HD quality presentation of media to the customer. The LED panel cabinets are precision manufactured and easily fasten together seamlessly without any gridding. We use 2nd Generation Calibration, which, allows us to load data on to the receiving cards and modules, eliminating the necessity for recalibration. This ensures timely and efficient operation throughout the entirety of use. Our LED panel video walls have an adaptive brightness and color temperature control based on ambient lighting, and will adjust as required to provide you with only the best display for any indoor event environment.

Our LED panel video walls are only a few inches thick and dimensions are fully customizable to meet your businesses requirement. Our LED panel video walls are equipped with some of the most advanced technology and refresh rates on the market. Our equipment refreshes above 2000Hz with a 1/2000 second camera or video camera. High refresh rate means, no lining, shaking, waving of media, or gray scale loss, only a clear and fluid display at all times.

Our LED panel video walls are used across the nation for presentations, expositions, concerts, advertising, and other major events where businesses want to emit a bright, clear, and well-defined display. The vivid light originated color display will make your media pop and keep consumers engaged because they will be able to observe your media, regardless of where they are seated. Whether used for a presentation or multi-color light display, our LED panel video walls are flexible and effective. Using 2nd Generation Calibration in our systems makes transitioning media on our LED panel video walls effortless.

Choosing our LED panel video walls will give your display that competitive and executive appearance, guaranteed to impress all types of audiences. When you rent one of our excellent displays, you also have an assigned technician who is consistently trained on new technologies and employment methods.

Technicians and equipment are available nationwide and in some locations in Canada. Your assigned technician will set-up, operate, and disassemble the system, leaving your company stress free and able to focus on the event itself.

Guaranteed onsite technician support ensures there are no issues with your display throughout the entirety of the event. We are constantly updating our inventory to ensure we have the most up-to-date, and best, technology to provide to our clients. We are responsible for the transit and equipment itself, your business doesn’t have to worry about mishaps, insurance, or maintenance of equipment. Additionally, LEDs use about half the amount of electricity that a traditional projector uses, saving energy costs for your business or event. Some businesses may also be eligible for a tax right off.

Our advanced technologies, coupled with, unparalleled customer service makes us the right LED screen rental team. General Session & Exposition Audiovisual Rentals (GSEAV) is an industry leader in LED video wall rental and operation. Let our experienced LED panel screen rental technicians serve you and your business at your next event with the best technical support, and give you the peace of mind through confidence in your perfect display throughout the entirety of your event.

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There’s a reason why LED screens are getting more popular in the event and live production industries! It’s now so much easier to engage your audience and create a memorable event with our LED screen rental.

Call our LED display screen rental team today to ask about our rental rate and pricing, and join the multitude of other businesses that continue to incorporate our LED screen rental services into their events!