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Orion Seamless Wall

Video Walls have come a long way over the past 20 years and GSE Audio Visual has invested in purchasing the latest technology to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to have a video wall in your tradeshow booth, or looking to utilize it as digital signage in your company’s lobby, The seams of the new Seamless Plasma Display MIS-4220 are even slimmer than those of the revolutionary forerunners: The almost invisible seams of the high resolution new generation 42″ plasma display measure approx. 4 mm when several panels are combined to form whatever size of plasma screen is required. If you want to learn more about all of our video wall options, click here.

It goes without saying that the images quality of the display has also been improved: The non-reflecting screen together with the latest Blackstripe technology reduce interfering light reflections to the minimum. Specially coated black stripes between the display lines absorb the light. Higher contrast (10,000 : 1) and higher color intensity (10 bit per color) lead the new generation of Seamless Plasma Displays with even better /wp-content/themes/gseav/images definition.

Due to their extremely slim-line design and their flexibility, these new Seamless Plasma Displays can be integrated in almost every environment.


– Unlimited number of displays arranged as a cascade
– Almost invisible seam gaps between the screens
– Space saving design
– Larger viewing angle and more natural color reproduction than cubes or LC Displays
– Lower power consumption than other
– Quick installation

Application examples for large screen video walls or information boards:

– Control rooms
– Conference rooms
– Lobbies
– Exhibition halls
– Public buildings
– TV studios

Application possibilities:

– Trade shows
– Events
– Permanent installations