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Video Production – Production

Audio/Video Capture

Capturing the best quality audio and video. We will help you choose the right equipment, within your budget, that will deliver the best quality media for your video delivery channels.


A necessary part of any video production. We can handle all aspects of lighting for your video production, whether it’s a stage, set, booth, hall or ballroom.


We work with talent and the production staff to ensure the best possible outcome for your video project.

Call one of our sales staff team members toll-free at 1-888-573-6847 or submit a rental quote form today and let us help you with your next Corporate Event.


We can be the solution for you to stream your webinars, presentations, or anything you deem important to your intended audience. Includes:

  1. Streaming Camera Equipment Packages
  2. Streaming Platform Management on platforms such as Intrado, On24, 6connex, & Bizzabo

Services Provided

Project Management = Event Producer — Oversees the entire project, platform integration, look, feel, and attendee journey.
Content Manager — Oversees the Agenda, chat moderations, scheduling, and records
Record Manager — Handles the technical aspects of the record process
Editing Team — Edits content prior to being posted for On-Demand viewing
Sponsorship Manager — Oversees the implementation of all sponsor content, branding, sessions, and resource deliverables
Platform Engineer — Deals with all technical aspects of the platform and functionality
Web Manager — Design and customize the client’s event on HTML platforms such as Bizzabo