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Innovative Modular LED Display

LEDskin® is a revolutionary product to be used in the field of stand building. LEDskin® brings about endless creative opportunities and guarantees fast building and a clean look of your stand. Developed to be used indoors and custom made to be integrated in our existing b62 frame system.

Easy and fast building

The LEDskin®cabinets can be mounted and dismantled very easily in the b62 frame system by using our manual M8 connectors.

The LEDskin®cabinets are automatically aligned thanks to the built-in magnets. The quick lock system guarantees that all the cabinets stay in place.

Creative solutions

All the beMatrix cover solutions can be used to create a clean and finished look of the LEDskin®walls.

It is also possible to hide all the electric cables by using textiles and panels to cover the rear, and this within a 62mm width.

Easy maintenance tool

The Gekko is a special tool, developed by beMatrix, to easily uninstall and replace one magnetic LED module. This essential magnetic tool guarantees easy front maintenance.


Pixel pitch
3.1 mm
Module quantity
4 pcs
LEDskin module resolution
80 x 80 pixels
LEDskin module dimension
248 x 248 mm
LEDskin cabinet resolution
160 x 160 pixels
LEDskin cabinet dimension
496 x 496 x 62 mm
Pixel density
104,058 pixels/m²
Cabinet weight
Surface flatness
Gap ≤ 0,5 mm
>1,20O nits
View angle
View distance
≥3,1 m
Brightness adjustment
0~100% 256 levels
Operation power
100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Max. power consumption
Average power consumption
Operating life
100,000 hours
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