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Barco LED

Video Walls have come a long way over the past 20 years and GSE Audio Visual has invested in purchasing the latest technology to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to have a video wall in your tradeshow booth, or looking to utilize it as digital signage in your company’s lobby, for indoor LED displays, we stock Barco as well as Absen A3 Pro LED video wall tiles. Barco offers a full range of products to serve every part of the market:

X HD series (X1.6, X1.9, X2)

The X HD (X1.6, X1.9, X2) series is a high-resolution 1.6mm, 1.9mm and 2.7mm pixel pitch LED display that’s unique because of its unmatched InfinipixTM video processing platform, mechanical design and front access capability. It is designed for high-end indoor installation in boardrooms, museums, control rooms, broadcast studios or for retail and advertising applications.

Perfectly aligned images

The X HD series creates uniform, high-quality images with accurate color depth at any brightness level – including low brightness. Thanks to its unique mechanical concept, the X HD series ensures easy and accurate alignment without requiring on-site tweaking. Plus, it’s equipped with the Barco InfinipixTM platform which enables unscaled resolutions up to 4K from a single source and full data redundancy.

Fast and simple setup

The X HD series (X1.6, X1.9, X2) auto-alignment truss beam ensures zero stress and in combination with its seam compensation, this results in a truly seamless screen. This beam ensures that the displays are automatically balanced and aligned correctly. What’s more, to further simplify its setup, the wiring required to install the X HD series has been reduced to a minimum. Offering both front and back access, the X HD series is designed to facilitate easy and fast servicing.