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Video Equipment Rentals

When it is time to shine, you need the right video equipment that is going to pull through for you. Whether you are looking for video walls or the latest cameras, we have the very best equipment for you. Experience the elite level of video equipment rental when you work with GseAV.

LED & LCD Display

When you are looking to really stand out at a trade show, LED and LCD displays can help you to attract visitors. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you determine the equipment needed for your trade show display.

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LCD Projector & Screen

LED projectors and screens can be used in a wide array of different settings. Whether you are planning on having a movie night outdoors or looking for an extra special effect for your live show, our LCD projectors and screens can help you achieve the level of success you are looking for. Our professionals who have years of experience working with both the projectors and screens will help you with the setup and take down as well as during the event. This will leave you able to focus on your event without having to worry about technology that you are not experienced with.

Video Walls

Video walls are an incredible technology that will bring a wow factor to your event. Here at GSE, we have invested in the latest video wall technology. This will give you the ability to have a very crisp image that is very large in size. Our professionals will help you build a video wall that will wow your audience and leave an impression on them.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way for you to advertise in the retail marketplace. Shoppers have seen so many different ads as they are walking through the store over their lives that you really need to stand out. Our digital signage will give you the ability to capture attention for your brand. Digital signage is also a great way to display sponsors at your next trade show or meeting. When you want to get the message across, digital signage is a great way to go about this.

GSE Multi-Touch

Touchscreens are quickly becoming very common in our day-to-day lives. Are multi-touch screens will allow you to captivate audiences while having them interact with your display. These touchscreens can be seen on many major news networks such as CNN, ESPN, and other major news networks. During presentations, these screens can be a great way to display data quickly and effectively. We use only the elite multi-touch screens that will allow your presentation to go smoothly.

Video Production

When you need to capture the moment, there is nothing like having the best video production equipment. Videography is becoming essential in your road to success. If you do not have the latest video equipment available, your competition most likely does. Our team will help you from the pre-production stage all the way to the post-production stage. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that our team of professionals will help you develop a strategy, film your event, and edit a great final product in post-production. You will not have to worry about the ins and outs of video. Our team of professionals will be able to take that worry off of you so that you can focus on your event.

At GSE, we are willing to help you take your event to the next level with our elite rental options. This equipment will help your business succeed by appearing more professional and forward thinking. Don’t let your competition get ahead of you. Use our equipment today to stay relevant in our current marketplace.

We offer 4K UHD Video Camera Rentals Nationwide