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Touch Screens

Our interactive Touch Screens offer a great way to attract and engage trade show attendees. Content can be easily navigated, letting the user have direct control over the what they view. They are perfect for trade shows and presentations, can be used for endless applications, and can be mounted just about anywhere you can imagine.

Samsung Touch Screen Overlays

Our new Samsung touch screens work great with our Samsung ME Series monitors, and can also be used with other brand monitors. These overlays mount directly onto the monitor, converting it into a multi-touch display. Get best in class picture when coupled with our Samsung ME Series! You can mount these just as you do a standard monitor, however take note that the overlay adds to the dimensions of the monitor.

Available in 32″, 40″, 46″, 55″ & 65”.

PQ Labs Touch Screens Overlays

Designed by of the most advanced innovators of Multi-Touch technology, PQ Labs overlays are ideal for interactive digital signage, defense, geo-intelligence, education, collaboration and product presentation. PQ Labs multi-touch monitors can be used standalone as a tabletop display, on walls, pole stands, recessed into walls, and facing  up  acting as the table.

Available in 32″, 42″, 52″, 60”, 70”, 80” & 90”.

ELO 7001 70″ Touch Screens

All-in-one touchscreens are sleek and convenient and can be used as a tabletop touch screen or mounted just as you would a standard monitor The benefit of ELO is that it is one unit, and not composed of a monitor with an add-on overlay.

Available in 70” (ELO 7001), 32” (ELO 3200), 42” (Elo 4201) & 46” (Elo 4600).

Google Earth

on Touch Screens

Magic Photo on iTable

Touch Screens LCD Screen

Touch Screen iTable

Dominates the Warcraft III

Magic Painting

with Touch Screens on iTable

Smoke on iTable

on Touch Screens

A Walk in Digital Building

on Touch Screens

PQ Labs Multi-Touch Setup Drivers

Windows XP/Vista: Download & Install MT Server

Windows 7: Download MT Server and Windows 7 Driver (Win7 x64 Driver)

Mac OS X Leopard: Download and Install MT Server for Mac

Multi-Touch Software Development Kits
Windows: C/C++ | C#/.Net | Flash/Flex/AIR | WPF
Mac OS X Leopard: C/C++/Objective-C | Flash/Flex/AIR

PQ Labs Multi-Touch Setup Drivers (G3)

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64): Download

Mac OS X: Download

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