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Virtual Streaming Webinars

Webinars are a great way to connect with people from all around the world who share your interest in a topic. We know that certain platforms can be problematic though. You might wish that you had more screens for all of your participants, or that you could split the screen from your main view.

We can help with that. Not only do we offer a smoother service to run your webinar, but we can help your video conference look that much more professional. Now, everyone can communicate no matter how many participants you want to include, and even if you’re sitting at your home office.

Our Features

You know what a webinar streaming platform does, but let’s talk about what makes us unique. We can include a total of 8 callers, and if you have more than 8, we can always patch them in.

We can also control who shows up on your screen, so when someone is speaking, their picture will appear there for everyone to see. We can even assign logos to everyone at the bottom of their feed if you have people appearing from different organizations. To distinguish your callers, we can even add in a banner with people’s names for when they speak. This makes it much easier to remember everyone involved.

Let’s say that you’re talking with your client and they want the webinar on their website. We can output to client websites, and to social media platforms too. Our service makes it easy to share information online and to access that information later.

Our Virtual Meeting Solution

Click here to see a demonstration of our virtual meeting solutions

How Does it Work?

You know what we can do for your webinar with our service, but how does it actually work? We’ll get a signal from your conference and stream it to our platform. This allows you to broadcast your signal to more people from one location. Participants are able to then watch the broadcast themselves either live or on recording.

Since you’re using your own signal, you can have multiple people speaking. You can control who’s on the screen at any one time, and can split the screen if you have multiple people having a conversation.

We’ll also test your conference before we get started. You shouldn’t experience any problems during your professional conference; expect a smooth, stream-lined experience.

Why Use Our Service?

We know what it means to have a successful and smooth-running webinar. We can help remove the headaches that come with virtual streaming webinars. Leave it to us to handle everything from the streaming to the customization. We’ll ensure that people can join in from wherever they are and that all of your participants will feel like they’re directly networking in person rather than through a screen.

In only a short amount of time, we will have you set up and ready to go. With our service, we can also ensure that any problems are solved quickly too. This means that as long as you have the internet where you’re streaming from, you’ll be able to reach everyone with only a few clicks of your mouse or keypad. We’ll ensure your webinar is well managed and presented in high quality video to your audience.

Read more about ways to ensure that you are following best practices for your virtual meeting.

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