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av trends 2021

New AV Trends in 2021

The AV industry is constantly changing, thanks to new technologies every year. As an audio visual company in Orlando, it’s vital for us to be aware of the latest trends so we can be consistent in our efforts to provide our clients with the best AV equipment for their needs.

Here are some AV trends that have risen in 2021 with an overarching theme revolving around effective and seamless communication regardless of location.

New AV Trends in 2021

Better Online Conferencing

With the rise of internet-based communication because of the pandemic, there is more demand for online meetings than before. As a result, AV conferencing systems are becoming increasingly popular in digital workplaces. These high-tech audiovisual tools allow companies to speak face-to-face without being in the same building. 

Touchless Technology

Thanks to the rise of touchless technology, people are moving away from physical controls like buttons, switches, and knobs to touch-sensitive interfaces instead. Touch screens have allowed companies to do this already; and due to the pandemic, customers have evolved to giving away touch styluses to interface with our touch screen monitors.

Digital Events

The rise of digital events like music festivals and conferences means that more people than are using audiovisual equipment. Fortunately, with the top AV equipment, it is possible to host high quality and realistic digital events today. 

While it’s not as costly to host a virtual event as compared to a live event, businesses should not see this as a chance to lower their budget. Instead, it’s worth investing the money into ensuring top quality sound and visuals for your audience. An event that impresses your audience will create a corresponding positive impression of your business, leading to better conversion rates.

Rooms with Integrated AV Systems

Integrated AV systems refer to how lights, speakers, video cues and more can all be controlled with room sensors. They are designed to work seamlessly with each other and to make it much easier to set up for meetings. As they can be rather costly, they are not very common in businesses or homes yet. However, it might be a great time to start thinking about how your business will approach this trend in the near future for their events.

Digital Signage

Due to the pandemic, the use of marketing materials like flyers have decreased since people try to avoid touching things unnecessarily. This is where digital signages come in. Video walls, for example, are being relied upon to share information today. With various specifications and technology, digital displays are versatile and able to cater to any events and any size audience.


We can help with your AV rental needs, whether you require projectors, touch screens, lighting or more. With our finger on the pulse of the AV industry and upcoming AV trends, you can rest assured that we’ll provide the latest and most effective custom solutions for your business or event.

save time and money

How You Could Save Time and Money by Hiring an AV Rental Company for Your Event

If you’re looking for an effective way to save time and money, then it’s a good idea to hire an Orlando AV Rental Company for your event. Take the stress off your shoulders and get everything you need, from projectors to microphones, speakers, and more. 

Hiring an AV rental company is the best option if you are short on time or don’t have the knowledge of what equipment will work best for your needs.

How You Could Save Time and Money by Hiring an AV Rental Company for Your Event

Equipment You Can Rent

AV rental companies provide a broad range of equipment you can rent. Need to present a  presentation but don’t have the right equipment? We have the right video or data projectors that will work perfectly for your presentation needs. 

Instead of forking out a significant amount to purchase high-quality speakers for a one-off event, choose to rent them instead. You will need quality speakers to ensure that your guests can clearly hear the presentation, so it’s vital not to scrimp on your speakers. Rather than spending top dollar purchasing high-quality ones, renting them will be more cost-effective.

AV rental companies also rent out microphones for speeches or presentations. However, if multiple people are speaking, you will need to rent more than one microphone.

More Options to Scale Up or Down

Unsure of how big your event will be? Or perhaps, your next event won’t be as major as the previous one. Hiring AV equipment instead of purchasing them means you have that much more flexibility to have or less equipment on hand, as required by the extent of your event.

You might have an event requiring more projectors and microphones, but you know that you won’t need so many of this equipment for future events. 

Hiring an AV rental company means you can select the AV solutions that you need. This is certainly more cost-effective than purchasing excessive but unnecessary AV equipment, or worse, finding that you lack the equipment necessary.

Expert Technicians

An AV rental company has professionally trained technicians to help set everything up. You don’t need to worry about complicated setups, and you don’t have to guess how to operate complex equipment. Leave this to the experts and focus on running your event.

Also, our technicians know exactly what AV equipment you will need. Without the right training and knowledge, you might purchase the wrong equipment which means more money wasted.

What to Expect From AV Rental Company

Latest Technology

A reputable AV rental company will have all the latest technology. We are in touch with the latest trends and equipment launches on the market and ensure that we have a good catalog of equipment for your needs. Your event will run smoothly, thanks to our expert technicians and up-to-date equipment.

Quality Service and On-Site Assistance

You can also expect quality service and on-site assistance when hiring an AV rental company for your event. Our trained experts will be present to help set everything up and ensure that everything runs smoothly without a hitch.


As an AV rental company that prides itself on customer satisfaction and our positive reputation, we’ll always be on time and ready to set up everything in advance, ensuring everything’s working when your guests arrive at the event or presentation. 


Hiring an AV rental company for your event can save you time and money while taking significant stress off yourself. There’s no need to worry about complicated setups or having to purchase expensive equipment that you might never use. Instead, you can count on our reliable technicians and high-quality equipment to help make your event a success.

AV Terms That Every Event Planner Should Know

When you’re planning an event, you might come across a handful of seemingly confusing AV terms that Audio Visual rental companies in Orlando use. Many people use them interchangeably to refer to the same thing: “sound system.” However, some differences between the terms may affect your event planning decisions down the line or impact how well you can carry out tasks in the early stages of event planning. 


A gobo is a piece of metal with images or patterns cut out. You can also have glass gobos.  Glass gobos can be made in multiple colors.  Gobos can be created to cast shadows on the wall behind them, depending on the angle and distance from them to the wall. They can be used as a design element, such as decoration, casting specific shadows to create a particular effect.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent through a certain connection. So, if you are hosting an event online and streaming your video feed, but it keeps buffering or freezing up, this is because there’s inadequate upload bandwidth available for all the viewers you were trying to accommodate. External attendees viewing the live stream utilize download bandwidth to watch the stream.  Both are important for your virtual events success.


Rigging is the process of securing equipment and other items on a platform. For example, if you are doing an event in a ballroom or in a convention center, you may choose to rig your overhead video wall or line array sound system, for optimal viewing for your audience.

Stage Wash

Stage wash is a term used to refer to lighting that hits the stage directly. Suppose you are hosting an event in a small room with very little light but want your guests to see the action on stage. In that case, this type of lighting may help provide better visibility without requiring too much wattage or making it difficult for people in the back of the room to see whats happening on a dark stage.

Crossover Frequency

The crossover frequency, also known as a crossover, determines which frequencies are sent through which speakers. Suppose you have multiple speakers that can be controlled independently for volume and tone to provide different sound experiences at varying locations. In that case, this is where you would set the crossover frequency to ensure that bass tones are not being sent through speakers meant for treble.


A mixer is used to mix sound inputs. You need a high-quality mixer if you are hosting an event with multiple microphones that need to be mixed together so they can all be heard clearly by the audience at different locations.  It is recommended that you hire one of our technicians to operate this mixer.


As the name suggests, a switcher is used to switch between different inputs. If you want guests to see behind-the-scenes footage alongside video from your main camera feed that’s broadcasting everything happening live, a switcher will allow you to do that without much lag time switching between them both.


A codec is a piece of software used to compress data to be transmitted in smaller chunks. Suppose you have set up your video feed online for guests at home or around the world to watch live but need to use both wired internet connection as well as wireless to accommodate all viewers without causing too much lag time in data transmission. In that case, a codec can compress the video feed to get through without taking too long.  The best codecs for HD video content is .H264 or .H265 with a .mp4 wrap.  Feel free to reach out to GSE AV for any of your HD production needs.


Whether you are an event planner or a guest who plans to host a small gathering, these AV terms should help you understand the available options. If you’re still unsure about any of these AV terms, don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

Audio Visual Rental Equipment that will Help Keep your Audience Engaged

Audio Visual Rental Equipment that will Help Keep your Audience Engaged

No matter how much you prepare for your conference or event, poor audio visual work can make all the difference in how your audience perceives you. To ensure you keep your audience engaged and entertained, here are some audio visual rental equipment that you can use.

Audio Equipment 

There is nothing worse than attending a conference or presentation and not being able to hear what is going on. Not only will you not have been able to hear what the presenter was saying but you will also feel like you have wasted your time. 

It’s crucial to ensure that quality sound equipment is top of the priority list. 

Any good, professional audiovisual service provider will know what equipment is best for your specific venue, so be sure to fill your audio experts in on the size of your venue and audience. If possible, it is a good idea to test out the equipment in the venue before the day of the event, but if that is not an option, ensure that you and the audio experts arrive early the day of.  

Another factor to keep in mind is how you will be presenting. Some questions to ask are: are you going to be sitting in a chair during a presentation, will you walk around as you speak, will there be a lot of movement on stage and will you be sharing the stage with other presenters? 

Assuming you are walking around a lot, it is best to have a wireless microphone, and if there are multiple performers it is necessary you have multiple microphones to eliminate sharing. 

Spotlights and LED Lights 

One way to keep your audience engaged is to set the mood of the room and create an atmosphere to suit your performance with lighting. Whether or not you have any control over the venue you present at, simple things like the look of the feeling of the room you perform in can have a big impact on how you are received. 

Although adjustments to the look of the space aren’t always up to you, a simple way to transform the way your event or presentation is perceived is with the lighting. Whether you set the mood with warm or cool lighting, certain colors or spotlights, a simple change in the room’s lighting can do a lot to subconsciously set the scene for your audience. 

Consider what should have attention, if the attention is on you and only on you when you speak try out a spotlight. If the room feels small, placing some LED lights around the outer walls can make the space feel larger. 

While planning your event, be sure to discuss lighting with the venue or the audiovisual service provider to ensure your audience remains engaged and the focus is on you throughout the performance. 

Impactful Visuals

It is said that there are many types of learning, the three main types being auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. If you are presenting any type of event or speech with only audio, there is a chance you are missing out on a large portion of your audience. 

Although it is likely very difficult to target those who are kinesthetic learners, adding some visual elements to your show can keep those who tend to lean more towards the visual learning side of the spectrum who may have trouble concentrating on audio-only presentations, focused and engaged. 

Consider how you can introduce visual elements into your show, whether it’s through relevant information on a screen, stats that the audience may be hard to remember, photos, graphs, charts or any other form of imagery. Utilize equipment like touch kiosks, LED walls, VR projectors and more.

Once you have an idea of your visual content it is important you discuss with your audio visual company to ensure they have a screen or screens that will be visible to everyone sitting everywhere in the venue. 


Your audio and visual during an event can make all of the difference between an engaged or a bored audience. It is important to consider audio and visuals and discuss your plans with your audiovisual service providers to ensure you have all equipment necessary. Although it may seem frivolous, a small detail like lighting can be crucial to ensure you are well received and your audience remains engaged the whole time. For more ideas, consult AV Rentals in Orlando for help.

Audio Visual Checklist for Conferences and Meetings

Audio Visual Checklist for Conferences and Meetings

Whether you are just going to present in front of an audience, or need to stream your conference over the internet, there are a lot of things going into it. If one thing goes wrong, the flow of the presentation can be affected. To help you ensure everything is ready for your conference, we have compiled a list of things you will need to set up and check off.

Audio Visual Checklist for Conferences and Meetings

The things you need to have set up before your conference starts includes:


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the conference. You want the lights to illuminate the speakers, while dimming everyone else. This will draw and hold attention to the speakers and keep the audience quiet. Make sure you either have a set spotlight that illuminates the stage, or someone to manage the spotlight to follow those who are moving around on stage.  


No one needs to lose their voice yelling to get to the back of the audience. But not all microphones are going to set up the same way. For hands free headsets, you want to make sure it is situated on the face correctly and tested before the conference starts. 

For standard microphones, you need to make sure that cords are placed in a way that will prevent tripping, and cordless microphones are fully charged. Making sure that the speakers are the correct height and properly attached to the podium or stand.


If you are presenting something using a computer, you want to make sure that the computer is going to run without issues. It is smart to restart the computer the night before to make sure that there are no updates needed before the presentation starts. You should also make sure the programs are updated and no unnecessary tabs are open to slow your computer down.  Turn off automatic updates so Windows updates do not automatically start taking away your necessary bandwidth & computer resources.

Projectors and Remote Controls

To help make sure everything is blown up large enough to be seen by the audience, it is helpful to use a projector. There are many types of projectors, so make sure that the one you are using is compatible with the computer you are using. Make sure you have the remote control for it and that it has full batteries.


A screen will allow the projection to be as clear as possible. Screens are usually determined by the ceiling heights as well as the audience size. If a screen needs to be installed, make sure it is done at least a day before the conference.

Video Cameras

If you want to record, IMag or broadcast the conference, you will need to have the proper cameras for the job. Know where you want your cameras placed, have them charged or connected to a power source, and make sure that if they need a memory card, that they have it.


If you want to stream or broadcast your conference, or use things online in your presentation, you will need to check your bandwidth. Bandwidth is what is going to determine how smoothly your internet experience will be and how choppy it may look. If your bandwidth is poor, you may want to reassess whether you should be incorporating the internet into your presentation.

Speakers and Mixers

Microphones alone may not be enough. You may also need to have speakers and a mixer if you want to better control your audio. It is helpful to have someone in charge of all your audio, including speakers and microphones. They will also be able to make sure your speakers are the right size for the space, as well as loud enough for the audience.


The cords to make sure all of this runs is just as important as the equipment itself. Make sure you have all your cables and any adapters you may need to make everything run. If you need extension cords, video or audio cables; have them with you along with spare cables, as sometimes cables do go bad.


Don’t rely on your memory or chance to set up your conference. By making sure everything on this list is set up and running smoothly, you can avoid complications and any technical issues that can cause interruptions, and setup early. If you need any help setting up your conference, consult our AV Rental Company in Orlando.

Tips for Preventing AV Failures

6 Tips for Preventing AV Failures

6 Tips for Preventing AV Failures

Every presenter worries about it and every presenter has AV failures in the back of their mind during their presentation. There is nothing worse than setting up your equipment when suddenly, the projector shuts down, or there is a buzzing in the speakers. At that point, you’re scrambling to fix the issue and struggling to find a solution. Whenever you have AV failure problems by the time it gets resolved, your presentation could be running 20 mins late. Regardless of much, you prepare, you can never be ready for everything, especially when your content is your main priority. There are numerous solutions to prevent this from happening, and GSE AV has some tips to help alleviate the stress of any unwanted malfunctions.

Hire an AV Technician

Hire a quality technician form GSE AV to take care of your audiovisual needs when your budget permits it. A technician can set up and test the gear you will be using and train you on how to use your equipment during the presentation. A hired technician from GSE AV can also stay on-site if any problems occur during the presentation.

Perform a Site Survey

Perform a site survey when you need to know venue details but are unable to see the location in-person. A hired audiovisual technician from GSE AV can travel to the site and make sure your gear and layout will be suitable for your space. It’s also essential to test out your internet and power connections in the room you’re presenting in.

Make Presentations Available Ahead of Time

This will make a technician’s job easier when preparing for your event. They can test the presentation on their gear and make sure their equipment meets your expectations.

Book Venue Early

Be sure to book the room the day before your event and have a floor plan ready to go. This will take a lot of pressure off of you and ensure your presentation runs smoothly. If you decide to have a technician set up, they can have all the equipment ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the venue. They can also make any adjustments you would like quickly and effectively.

Have Back-up Equipment Just in Case

Sometimes you can have everything set up, tested, and ready to go and still have a failure. Equipment wears over time, and the more it’s used, the better chance you have for failure. If you have backup gear that includes projectors, microphones, and laptops on hand it will make fixing the failure much easier. Swapping out your equipment instead of troubleshooting may save you time and the hassle of standing in front of a crowd with no content to show.


Why should you hire GSE AV as your audiovisual provider to handle all your logistics? Regardless, if your meeting is big or small, having someone take care of all the details makes it easier for you. We allow you to concentrate on your presentation rather than your preparations. When you hire GSE AV, we can resolve all your issues before they become a serious problem to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Sustainable Events

How to Create Sustainable Events

How to Create Sustainable Events

Many of the events in this modern age are trying to become more sustainable. These efforts are being made in very diverse ways, depending on the type of event. You, too, can commit to hosting more sustainable events. This post will give ideas on how you can achieve this for the next event you are responsible for planning.

Use digital registration and signage

The focus of sustainability in events management is reducing wastage. One of the things that most often gets wasted at events is the paper that is used to register people and provide them with relevant information for the event. For the most part, these sheets of paper will either be scattered all over or thrown away once the event is done. This waste can be cut down using digital registration and signage. Audio visual rental services are ideal in these situations by providing scheduling and other relevant information to attendees without the need of paper.

Water stations

Sustainability involves the use of available resources in the most economical and efficient way. At most events, you will likely find bottled water. Once people leave these events, the amount of plastic that usually needs to be taken care of is shameful. However, when planning a sustainable event, you can opt for water stations instead. Inform the attendees ahead of time that they should bring a refillable water bottle to the event. Use audio visual rental equipment to show where the water stations are set up.

Carpool to the event

The best way to ingrain a message into people’s brains is by getting them to act on the idea. If you are looking to both host a sustainable event and get people to understand the concept of sustainability as well, encourage them to carpool. Instead of everybody coming to the same event in multiple cars, carpooling offers a more sustainable means of accessing the event. This simple effort will help to reduce carbon emissions, general fuel costs, and highway congestion.

Focus on renting

A significant hurdle you will face as you plan an event is whether to buy or rent the equipment and items needed. The idea of buying, although it may initially look more appealing, is not a sustainable way of hosting an event. Renting is far more sustainable because it encourages a re-use cycle that allows equipment and supplies to be used several times by different people. This process saves money and contributes to sustainability. One of the most commonly reused types of equipment is audio visual rental equipment.

Final thoughts

The idea of hosting a sustainable event should be appealing to most, if not all, people. Sustainability allows you to be socially responsible to the environment and the ecosystem at large. By following the tips that have been provided above, you can make your next event an environmentally friendly one that will help you spread the message on sustainability to friends and colleagues.

AV Budget

How to Get the Most Out of Your AV Budget

Audio Visual technology is an essential factor in numerous industries such as education, business, government, and the medical field. AV is everywhere, whether people realize it or not. Furthermore, as AV technology advances, it’s imperative to invest in AV equipment that you know is worth the value. This is where GseAV can provide you with top-quality AV equipment to fit within your budget.

Choosing the perfect AV solution can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many brands out there to choose from who offer various options. When you decide to work with GseAV, you don’t need to worry about any of these factors. Our highly skilled experts will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you find the best equipment that matches your budget. We will help you with the research, provide installation and support. However, the best thing about working with GseAV is you don’t have to worry about learning a whole new industry. Our team of professionals allows you to focus on what you need to do and what you do best.

When it comes to audiovisual solutions, the biggest question is, how do I stay within my budget while still getting quality equipment? When designing your AV system, it’s crucial to have an understanding of what you should spend your money on. Allocating your money correctly will ensure the functionality of your event without you having to exceed your budget. Below are tips on how you can get the most out of your AV budget.

Compare your audiovisual budget with your budget in advance

Implement your budget into your vision within a realistic manner. Then, outline the look and feel of what you want your event to look like with a detailed plan to accurately express your needs. Once you have a perfect vision in mind, create a production list so you can keep track of the equipment you need. Keep in mind if you will need presentations, videos, music, or audience interaction. Once your list is made, look over your budget and production list to decide what equipment you will need.

Creative lighting packages

An event’s aesthetic can have a powerful effect on how the attendees experience your event. One of the best ways to get the best value out of your budget when it comes to lighting is to rent creative lighting packs. Creative lighting packages are an affordable expense even if you’re planning on using custom designs. Your audience seeing your logo on the venue’s wall can provide a lasting impression for your event.

Get the right sound

Pairing the right sound equipment with the size of your venue and acoustics serves as a great technique to stay within your sound budget. Every venue will have unique needs. Therefore, it’s critical to cater your sound equipment to your venue to make sure you’re not overshooting on your budget.

Consult an expert

If you’re unsure about what AV equipment to purchase, then it’s always a good idea to consult with an expert to assist you in your budget. The experts at GseAV are knowledgeable and can help you manage your resources to ensure your event creates a memorable experience for your audience.

With the right planning and creativity, you can orchestrate a beautiful event with audiovisual details that truly stand out. When you take the time to plan and design, you will maximize your investment and the make your event a memorable experience.