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Aluvision tiles

Spotlight on Aluvision and BeMatrix LED Tiles

When it comes to turning any event into an unforgettable experience, video LED tiles are a great choice. They offer a wide array of customization and are incredibly versatile, making them an excellent solution for any event, any time of the year. With so many LED tiles on the market, let’s put the spotlight on Aluvision and BeMatrix LED tiles today and have a look at why they’ll be great for your event.

Aluvision LED Tiles

Aluvision Hi LED 55 tiles can be used for a variety of purposes and feature bright, clear images. Use them to display a logo, short film, photos, or event information, since they make advertising and providing information to guests an easy task.

These LED tiles use LED lighting and aluminum profiles to offer aesthetic, clean screens. They can be used with shelves, TV mounts, speaker mounts, and other accessories in order to provide the most flexibility and versatility possible. As a modular system, it’s easy to connect multiple tiles together and arrange them how you want them for any event.

The Aluvision tile panels are bright and clear, even in the middle of the day, which makes them an especially good choice for all-day events.  The handling, setup, and take down can be relatively quick, and color balancing can happen effortlessly if the tiles are produced in the same batch as each other. The panels can come in numerous different design styles, including concave, convex, flat, floor, and even boxes.

BeMatrix LED SKIN Tiles

BeMatrix LED tiles are another form of LED screens that help to take your event up a notch. They’re modular screens that make stacking and moving the tiles easy and allow you to adjust your setup however you want.

The tiles come flat, as a corner piece, concave, or convex so that you can create a truly custom setup in order to display your event information, logo, or any image. With the way the panels are built, the system can be put up and taken down quickly and easily.

With the way that BeMatrix frames are built, all cords and wires are neatly organized and disguised behind the panels. This leaves your LED tiles with a clean, neat appearance even though there may be several cords necessary to run the system.

BeMatrix tiles are great for events because they’re super easy to transport but offer fantastic LED images of all kinds. You can display any message, logo, slide, or event information on the panels and manage it easily across all panels. Designed to be quick and easy to set up, your event planners can put them up and take them down in a timely manner and with very little hassle.


LED tiles are a great choice for event planning, and both Aluvision and BeMatrix are fantastic options. They offer a lot of versatility and different panel shapes and sizes, and both provide great visuals that will impress your guests no matter how you choose to use them. Call us today to ask us about renting Aluvision and BeMatrix LED tiles for your event!