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What Kinds of Video Screens Are Available at GSEAV?

Whether you’re planning a conference or broadcasting a game or speech, you need a high-quality screen. Instead of investing in a costly screen that you might never use again, come to us for LED screen rental —all you have to do is choose which video screen will work best for you.

NEC Seamless Monitors

For small or medium-sized walls, these NEC Seamless Monitors will be perfect. Designed to be sleek, they have a backlit 46” or 55” LCD panel and Full HD resolution so that you can display a wide range of applications. Set up these monitors for your business and let them do all the work.

The design is modern and slim with a 5mm bezel, allowing you to put them up as digital signage, as informational monitors, or as even as menus, for example. With the anti-glare surface as well, your customers or event guests will never have to squint or struggle to see the information you put up.

While these monitors may be a lower investment to start, they work using color matching color calibrators to produce an easy-to-see image that will be accurately rendered just as you have designed it. Don’t worry about the monitor getting too hot either, since there are fans right inside the units which are made to work 24/7

98-inch NEC LED Single Monitor

A larger, 98-inch NEC LED Single Monitor will be your best option if you need to do a large-scale presentation. This is the perfect monitor for presentations, with 4K quality to go with its large screen size. All of your details will be clearly shown on this massive screen guaranteed to have your audience’s attention.

It can take many standard 1080p videos and still display them with high quality. Displaying multiple screens is another one of its convenient features as well. If you have a lot of information that needs to be broadcast, you can have four different screens up at one time within this single 98” unit

LED Tiles

To display something that is extremely large in size, that’s when you’ll use LED tiles. These tiles are what you would normally see when you take a look at a sports scoreboard, or if you’re looking to create a video wall.

Our LED tiles are bright with stunning visibility and high contrast, making it possible for you to use them for a large venue. Like our other monitors, they are glare-free whether you set them up indoors or in a place with lots of bright ambient light. Even if you use them outside, they come with built-in fans to prevent the power supplies from overheating.

Of course, these tiles are made to be a little bit smaller so that they can be set up together in a display, but don’t let the size fool you: they’re strong, and utilize a wide range of colors for a crisp and clear image. Their weight makes them that much easier to set up and display, and just as long as the tiles are from the same production batch, the color will all match.

Rent Your Video Walls With Us Today

No matter what you need a video wall for, GSEAV has a range of high-quality video screens with uncompromising crispness and performance. Speak to us today to find out which video screens will best suit your event, and leave it to us to get it all set up and organized for you.