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Going Green. Our Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Event

Traditionally, big events haven’t been very eco-friendly. When you’re trying to figure out travel or venue options, or event schedules, you might not be thinking about the environment after all.

In recent years, eco-friendly events have started to become the norm. Keep reading to learn some tips for creating your own sustainable event — because even just a few small steps in the right direction can go a long way.

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Our Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Event

Sustainability is all about making changes to your event to preserve the environment—that’s it. You might be apprehensive about switching vendors or about challenging previous approaches, but you can actually save money by making some minor changes.

Coffee Cups

This is a small thing to do, but it makes a considerable impact: using recyclable or compostable coffee cups. Buy cups that are completely recyclable or recycle them using a service.

You might even give out branded reusable cups, which will reduce the cups that people are using while acting as a branded souvenir too.

Ask your venue what recycling capabilities they have to figure out what might work best for you.

Eco-Friendly Venues

If you have some flexibility in your venue, consider choosing one that’s eco-friendly. This means having recycling sorting stations in meeting spaces, filtered water dispensers, smart temperature controls, and eco-friendly toiletries. These are all relatively simple things that any venue nowadays should have. 

Eco Planners

It’s all about who you hire. Your vendors are the ones who will be using various materials or going through sustainability practices, so ask them about what they do. For example, ask them if they recycle or what type of materials they use.

Go Digital

Many events work by handing out papers of all kinds—schedules, event flyers, programs. Work instead to eliminate all of this paper waste by posting signs with the schedules or sending out digital options that people can access via email. You can even send invitations online and advertise the event through social media.

You might even replace all papers with an app. Allow people to access information in the app so that they can switch between schedules, messages, and business cards with just a few taps.

Water Usage

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce how much water you use. Start with venues and hotels that use water-efficient choices. Continue by allowing guests to pour their own water at dinner so that no pre-poured water ends up going to waste.

You can even avoid waste just by offering tea bags and instant coffee rather than having a post-dinner coffee or flavored water station. All of that unused water will just end up going to waste, after all.


Think about how far away things are. For example, is the airport extremely far away from the venue and the hotel? The closer everything is, the more you can reduce your carbon footprints.

You might even encourage guests to use eco-friendly travel options if they’re available in your area. For example, a metro rail is a great option, or buses if they’re nearby. You might even organize some communal transport to save guests the trouble and to save a little gas too.

And if everything around your venue is close too, people also might have the option to walk around the city.


Sustainability doesn’t have to be difficult. Ultimately, making your event more sustainable is something you can do with steps as simple as replacing coffee cups and reducing water usage. No matter what you do, even small steps matter. Your guests will certainly notice and appreciate your eco-friendly efforts too!