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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

With the rise of digitization, so much has changed around us. Even things like a virtual trade show is on the rise now and how we work hasn’t been exempted. Work meetings are being held online through messages, calls and video calls via platforms like Slack and Zoom. Going virtual has been the solution to most who are working from home. If you’re new to virtual conferences or feel rather unfamiliar with them, there are some tips to get the most out of your experience.

Way to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Conference

Things to do before the meeting

Organize your schedule

Plan ahead and determine what you need to get the most out of the meeting. Review and select topics and questions you might need to ask in advance.

Confirm contact details

Check whether the contact details provided are correct. Ensure that your full name and contact info like your phone number or email that you used for your registration are correct. This will enable the other participants to get in touch with you.

Find out if you’ll need to take notes

Get in contact with the presenters in advance and find out if the sessions will be recorded or if they’ll be sending notes. Just to be safe, you should prepare your notebook so that you can note down the important points.

Prioritize your time

You need to make the best use out of the meeting and therefore, you need to set up early. Set up a calendar and reminders to ensure that you don’t miss the sessions or any important topic.

Minimize distractions

Allocate some quiet space so you can focus on the virtual conference. The best would be a place that is quiet where nobody would cause you any disturbance. This will prevent you from being interrupted by noise or people.

Make sure your computer is ready

Check your computer to ensure that it’s working perfectly and you have all the applications you need. Check all the applications for recent updates. Also, learn more about the tools and familiarize yourself with them. Test your audio and video to ensure that they are working and have a strong wifi connection. The best would be to use a laptop and not a smartphone.

Dress well

While you can attend the entire meeting in any kind of clothes since it’s done virtually, it’s still important to look professional. It might be less formal compared to how you would dress when attending an in-person conference, but you still need to dress appropriately. Remember that you still need to make a good impression even on camera.

Things to do during the meeting

Avoid distractions

Remember to switch off your phone and even put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, especially if you’ll be attending the meeting from home.

Be present

You might not be in the same room with the speaker, but try to be present and pay attention. Don’t multitask by doing other activities during the meeting. Allocate the time for the conference to get the most out of the session.

Be an active participant

Actively participate by discussing and sharing ideas with other participants. Ask questions during the meeting and utilize the tools such as live chats to connect. You can schedule a session to debrief your team after the time of the meeting and share what you learned. The discussion will be beneficial both for you as well as everyone else.

Things to do after the meeting

Watch or listen to replays

Most virtual conference sessions are recorded and available for later viewing. If there are any replays or notes given after the meeting, watch and listen to them. They may help you catch up and learn more about something you may have missed.


These are some of the major tips to get the most out of attending a virtual conference. Put these tips into good use as you get ready to connect and enjoy the entire experience from the virtual live sessions.

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