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Virtual Event Platform

Say Hello to your Virtual Event Platform!

GSE Audio Visual is offering a 360 degree virtual environment that offers a fully immersive experience as opposed to the stock 2D Virtual Booths being offered on most Virtual Event Sites. The GSE Virtual Event Platform allows your attendees the experience of navigating show floor like they would at an in-person event and offers them a unique and exciting way to engage with your Exhibitors in their fully customizable virtual booths.

Easily navigate the entire show with our Dropdown Map Features. We can even use actual 360 degree photos of your venue at your Live event with Lobby, Foyer, Common Areas to replicate the in-person event for your off-site audience if you are hosting a Hybrid Style event.

When it comes to your General Sessions, Keynotes & Breakout presentations our Virtual Production Studio allows us to produce impactful content in Live or Semi-Live formats that will keep your audiences glues to their screens. Gone are the days of the dreaded “Zoom Presentation,” our live production solutions offer all the same tricks and tools that you see on your nightly news broadcast taking your content to the next level professionalism.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The GSE Virtual Event Platform has also taken into consideration the value offering Sponsorship Opportunities for your Exhibitors and Partners as a way to not only generate traffic for them, but also as a revenue source for your event. The benefits could include larger or more prominent booth spaces. Increased branding throughout the Virtual Event Space or even the ability to host Virtual Cocktails or Think-Tank Discussion Groups. It doesn’t just have to be a virtual trade show for you to get the most out of it.

Marketing Opportunities

Our platform gives your marketing team the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns around your virtual event. This will allow you the opportunity to engage with leads generated from all of your 2019 events.

Your virtual event link can be easily embedded onto your company’s website for continued exposure, driving traffic to your website, thus helping generate additional leads throughout the year.

Our platform also provides users with a plethora of backend analytics which can highlight the visitor attendance to your space, time spent in each area, which products or zones receive the most traffic, how much time was spent on a specific product; and so much more.