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The Future of Hybrid Events in 2021: The New Tech You Will Need

With a global pandemic, it’s no wonder that many live events have become virtual and more people are having to convert to online discussions. When it became clear that having events 100% online wasn’t always constructive, businesses and event managers started leaning towards a hybrid approach that seems to be growing in popularity.

Going on into 2021, it looks like we’ll have to continue with hybrid events. Here are a few things you should know about the future of hybrid events and Orlando AV rental.

What Type of Event Should You Host?

In some cases, a hybrid event may not be necessary or possible. Sometimes, events are better entirely in person or completely virtual. But there are a few ways to figure this out. Of course, it’s entirely possible that all event types would work in which case you should consult the attendees or your company.

If your company has a limited travel or event budget, then offering a hybrid event would be a great solution. This also works for other attending organizations that have budget limits and can make the event more accessible.

Many venues still have occupation limits in place because of the pandemic. If you end up choosing a venue that greatly limits the amount of attendees you can have, then opting for a hybrid event can ensure that all who are invited can attend. 

If you have the option available to you, consider asking your attendees if they would prefer the event in person, virtually, or in a hybrid. This can help you better accommodate your attendees and give you a better understanding of what event type you should consider.

Tech Needed For Your Set Up

Just like any event, you still need to plan out all the equipment and tech needed for your hybrid event.


A high quality camera has never been more important, especially when you need to stream your event or record it. Your hybrid event will very likely involve a mixture of recorded and live streams. Ensure that your camera equipment is well positioned to capture the event, attendees, stage and any other important focal points.

If you’re having a live discussion, get ready to do movement and close up shots. For the best quality, be sure to record in HD and check that your equipment allows for this.


With live streaming comes the need for fast and stable WiFi connection. Make sure that you’ll have access to this for your hybrid event.


When it comes to a hybrid event, you can be sure that your speaker will have to multitask a lot more with a live audience as well as virtual attendees. Sound quality is not to be compromised as it can distract your audience and cause them to lose interest.

Get access to a microphone that produces clear audio that’s also loud enough. Always keep in mind that you’ll have to cater to both your live and virtual audience.


Hybrid events can make lighting more tricky. When it’s a completely virtual event, you merely have to focus on lighting up your immediate surroundings. Since it’s a hybrid event, you’d have to arrange for your stage and attendees to have adequate lighting as well, especially if you are utilizing a green screen background..


Hybrid events are attractive and can increase the number of attendees, but you’ll have to put in the work. Ensuring you have a quality event and are still adhering to local social distance rules can be challenging, but not impossible. Remember not to overlook the minute details and put the work into planning and your hybrid event will run just as smoothly as any other event before.