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Conference Planning Checklist

When you’re planning your conference in Orlando, you want the entire event to appear seamless – from the organizing & planning stage, to the implementation of AV equipment. With so many things to plan and organize, it’s hard to ensure you don’t miss out on any important step. Follow this conference planning checklist to make sure you’ll have everything planned out smoothly.

The Venue

Any event begins with the venue and you have to balance the atmosphere of the location with the needs of your event. In other words, make sure that you have the space necessary to house everyone, that there’s room for large seminars, and that the available rooms will allow you to utilize the equipment you need.

When you’re picking out your venue, there are a few things to confirm before you choose the place. For one, you’ll want to make sure that all of your AV equipment will be allowed. Check out the rooms to see what equipment is provided and what you’ll need to rent.

Ask about the setup time, and check if there are elevators to help you move the equipment when you arrive. You should see if there are places for a projection screen or spots where lights will shine. Check how soundproof everything is, whether there’s already a mixer or a teleprompter, and ask about their internet connection too.

Of course, your rented equipment should help you with some of this, but your venue does matter when it comes to setting everything up—so make sure that you take a minute to ask.

The AV Equipment


Start by thinking about the display screen. Consider the number of computers and laptops that you’ll have plugged in and whether you can switch around easily on the display.

If it’s a smaller conference, an small Video Wall might serve you well. If it’s a larger conference, you may have to go with a larger projector screen.

These days, there are LED video walls that can engage your audience and make the whole experience more interesting and interactive as well.

Speaking of visuals, don’t forget about lighting. It is important to engage as many of your audience’s scenes as possible.  It is important for the entire audience to to be able to see the person speaking, so make sure that your stage is well lit. 


Don’t forget about the projector either. Your projector will be dependent on your event, whether you’re streaming videos or showing a presentation. For presentations, you need a projector that’s brighter, especially if you do not have room lighting controls.


Smaller rooms might be fine with a small audio package, but any larger conference room will need a microphone, speaker, and so on.

Remember: audio isn’t just about playing videos. It’s also about making sure that your attendees can hear what is being said. You don’t want an underpowered speaker system that’s unclear and won’t do a good job of allowing your attendees to hear your content clearly. Alternatively, a speaker system that’s over the top will be too loud, making attendees feel uncomfortable 

When you rent audio equipment, your provider should help you set up and fine-tune the audio system to make sure you get the right amount of sound and clarity for the room size.


A mixer or soundboard will come in handy, especially if you plan on having a large conference and you’ll be operating with many microphones and speakers. A soundboard will let you adjust volume levels so that everyone can hear the person speaking. It’s just like how a good presentation screen with a proper aspect ratio will let everyone see what’s going on. 


If that room happens to be large, consider multiple microphones as well and whether those microphones will be passed around. You may even think about a lavalier that will clip onto your speakers if you want something a little more hands-free.

If there’s just one main speaker who will be standing in the same spot throughout, a wired microphone will be good. If there are multiple microphones that will be passed around among the audience, wireless handheld mics will be the best choice.

When it comes to microphones, don’t forget about the transmitter. You need a transmitter to go with your wireless mic. If you’re using a lavalier, you will need a bodypack transmitter that’s usually mounted onto the speaker’s clothes or pocket.

Let GSEAV Take Care of Your AV Equipment Needs

With so many pieces to put together and so many steps to organize, it’s best to entrust the entire Audio/Visual rental process to us. With years of experience serving all types of events, from seminars to corporate meetings, we know exactly what you need for your Orlando conference. We’re able to provide high-quality AV equipment to ensure your conference runs smoothly so give us a call today to have a chat about your conference planning.

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