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Video Production – Pre-Production


Proper Pre-Production is crucial to a successful video production. During this stage, you’re organizing everything so that your Production stage goes as smoothly as possible.


One of the first steps in any video production is to consult with the client so that we may understand exactly what you are looking for in your finished product. We will identify the goals and expectations of your video, as well as your target audience.

Media Aquisition/Transcoding/Conforming

Clients often have their own images, videos and/or music they want to use in the video. With the myriad different video codecs that are available, this stage can be very time-consuming. We will conform all images and videos so that there are no issues when editing the final project.


Storyboarding is a valuable tool when you want a shot to look exactly as you have it envisioned in your head. If your production requires storyboarding, we have storyboard artists ready to bring your thoughts to life.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is striking a balance between getting the best quality equipment within your budget. Is this video going to be delivered on the web, a 40’x10′ LED video wall, or on an 84″ 4K monitor? Do you want to initially deliver the video live on the web, but later in a better quality HD format? The staff at GSEAV is trained to help you throughout all aspects of the entire video production.


The staff at GSEAV are experts in scheduling the video production, which includes a script breakdown, location scouting and collaborating with the talent.

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