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Video Production – Post-Production


One of the first steps in any video production is to consult with the client so that we may understand exactly what you are looking for in a finished product.

Special Effects

Clients often have their own images and videos they want to use in the project. Getting all the media formatted so it all works can sometimes be tricky. in this step, we conform all images and videos so that there are no issues when editing the final project.


We will use our expertise and experience to guide you through the video encoding process, so that your video is in the best deliverable format for the specific medium the video is being watched through.

Media Delivery

How are you going to distribute the final video? Is it for your website? Is it going to be played at a tradeshow or convention? Is it intended to be projected onto a large screen? There are two things to consider when deciding on the media delivery format: 1) What is your intended format? and 2) Will you need a high-quality version at a later date?

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