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Display Rental

One of the most effective ways a business can bring in new customers and show off why their business is better than its competitors is to attend a convention. Whether it’s a tradeshow, an electronic show, or showroom convention, it is an opportunity for a business to extend their name and potentially bring in people they might not have been able to reach before. For some companies, the opportunity at a showroom is wasted since they don’t take advantage of the unique circumstances and setting.

A savvy business owner, however, understands how to use the event to their advantage. One of the best ways they can seize the spotlight and garner interest in their product or service is to have an eye-catching display.

Draw The Crowd

When you are looking to really stand out at a trade show, LED and LCD displays can help you to attract attendees.  That is why GSE AV is constantly evolving our inventory to be able to provide you the latest LED displays from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, NEC & Sharp.

GSE Audio Visual has the LED and LCD displays to bring the audience to your booth. Scientifically, we as humans are drawn to light and action. If your screen isn’t bright enough or just isn’t all that attractive to look at, then those potential customers may just walk past your booth.  To ensure that your booth is generating as much interest as possible, you need the right display.   We can give our clients and customers the display that breaks that mold and impresses the crowd

GSE AudioVisual rents Sony 84" Bravia 4K TVs

Attract Customers

For those who want to make sure their product or service is being seen or heard, we can ensure that you can draw the crowd from across the showroom. Attract potential customers even in the giant convention center with our display units.   Give them a reason to make their way to you. A large display with an eye-catching advertisement is the key to your success.

Your company’s booth size should determine the size of monitor utilized; but we always recommend a minimum size of 40 inches

It is vital that your advertisement is not going to be difficult to read for customers. You also want to make sure that everything is visible from close and afar.  Attention-grabbing, appropriate sized displays are key.  A larger screen means more people can view the information you are trying to convey.

Figuring out the size of your display is as much of an important decision as taking into consideration where you want to mount it .  There are multiple ways to mount your rental monitor; the most common way is to either wall mount it, put it on a floor stand, or use the table top stand. We can offer you a variety of mounts to ensure that your display can be seen by all so it can attract not just a larger crowd, but people who are further away, too.

If you have a show coming up, don’t miss out on an opportunity and call us immediately.