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Speaker Rentals

When sharing information with other people, you can have exciting and insightful things to say, however, if the other people can’t hear the words you’re saying, your words won’t make any impact. That’s why it’s so important to have the proper sound reinforcement system to match the space in which you’re speaking. To ensure the best results, a system must truly be matched to a room.

Obviously, you don’t want a system that’s underpowered, since not having the proper amount of audio fill can distort the message you are giving to your attendees. On the other hand, a system that’s overpowered for a particular room could lead to sound that’s too loud, resulting in an uncomfortable listening environment for those present. That’s why, at GSE Rentals, we consult with you beforehand to fully understand the extent of your needs and the size of your room. This allows us to deploy the perfect system for your situation, so you can be sure that every word is being heard by those in attendance.

The Best Speakers

Of course, producing good sound from a sound reinforcement system is dependent on many components. The most important component, however, is the quality of the speakers that are used. That is why GSE Audio Visual utilizes all of the best brands in speakers from Meyer, JBL, Mackie, & Bose to provide the absolute best sound for your event. Utilizing the best speakers, however, doesn’t mean much if you don’t choose the right speakers for your event. For example, depending on your event venue and audience size, we might recommend either a Meyer line-array audio system or a ground-supported powered speaker like the JBL Eon 615 series.

The Best Sound

Another aspect of producing great sound from great speakers is properly distributing the frequencies which need to be reproduced. In the case of the JBL Eon 615 series speakers, they could be coupled with a JBL PRX series sub, producing a sound that’s sure to impress the audience attending your event. Utilizing one or more subwoofers ensures that the sound really fills the room and provides those low frequency sounds that give music and voice their fullness and richness. A subwoofer also frees up the other speakers to handle the mid and high frequencies, providing more headroom to allow for more volume.

Proper Set Up

In addition to offering the right gear for your event, GSE Audio Visual can set it all up for you, too. The last thing you want to do before a big event begins is try to figure out how all the wires and cables in a sound reinforcement system connect together. In some cases, if even one cable is not connected correctly, it could cause the entire system not to work. Bad sound can certainly hurt your reputation, however, having no sound ensures that your reputation is toast. After all, if no one can hear what you have to say, you may as well not have an event in the first place. Focus on preparing for your event while GSE handles the sound setup.

Industry Experience

At GSE Audio Visual, we understand how important the event you’re planning is to you. When you consult with us for sound rental equipment, you can be sure we’re not guessing when we make a recommendation. Our experienced customer service representatives understand what it takes to pull off a great event and will work hard to ensure you get all the equipment you need to make your event unforgettable. Call one of our audio specialists today to see what type of audio system will be best for your next event.