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Our Remote Solutions

Finding new and innovative ways to offer solutions to our clients has been a driving focus for us since we opened our doors, and given the changes that we are collectively facing in today’s world, there’s never been a better time to evolve your event.

Taking into consideration the CDC and state guidelines, GSE Audio Visual reopens & operates as it always has, with everyone’s safety in mind. During this time we have focused perfecting two of our technology departments, as to better evolve your marketing direction.

Streaming Services

If your business has moved in the direction of a more virtual space, you need a solution that can help you get your message to everyone that you need it to. Our virtual events department offers a streaming service that can give your marketing message that window to the world!

Outdoor Video Walls

While we are social distancing, churches, weddings, sporting events, graduation ceremonies, and other outdoor events are changing, but your display shouldn’t. We can provide you with our mobile LED screens to help put your message in front of everyone that attends your event.

Thermometer Kiosks

To reduce contact and help maintain the 6′ social distancing standard, GSE AV has been involved in the evolution of the Temp Kiosks. The goal is for the attendee, employee, or guest to be able to walk up to the kiosk, and have their temperature show on the screen. Should the temp be less than the threshold a green light will flash, approving entry. You may also modify the kiosk with a QR badge reader to assign temperature info to the attendee and track their time stamp of entry.

GSE Audio Visual cares about your business being able to operate through the new normal, and though we can’t change the dynamic of the world, we are happy to provide whatever solution fits your needs. Let us know how we can help your business evolve safely during this time.