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GSEAV Tutorial Videos

Below are some tutorial videos covering common audio visual equipment set up and Tradeshow Industry jargon:

Why Rent?

There are many reasons why renting Audio Visual equipment from GSE AV is a good decision. Our company consists of detail-oriented professionals that absolutely love their job and constantly receive up to date training on new technologies.

  • Tax write off for your company!
  • Technology changes constantly, and GSE ensures that you have the latest technology in the market place today.
  • Reduces your sales team stress level and allows them to focus on selling the company‚Äôs product vs. installing booth Audio Visual equipment.This ROI will far out weigh the cost of renting AV equipment.
  • Eliminates the worry of transit damage and having to replace your product(s).
  • Eliminates the cost of insuring your Audio Visual Equipment.
  • If your company representatives get injured while setting up the Audio Visual Equipment, it could open the company up for legal issues.
  • Piece of mind knowing that you will have a trained AV technician for your set-up to ensure that your presentation is working properly on your rented equipment.
  • Guaranteed onsite technical support ensures that if you do have an issue during your event, that a technician will ensure that the problem is corrected as the show MUST go on.
  • Your dedicated GSE Audio Visual Project manager will ensure that you have one less burden while deploying your event.